Next level flattery…

I think one of the best things in the world is having someone approach me and tell me how much they have enjoyed bands I have played in, or are still in. It really makes me super happy, or want to poop. I have recently discovered on the Youtubez a lot of people covering jamz I have played on. IT IS FUCKING AWESOME! Not only because they play the jams way better than me, but they also don’t look shitty drunk and about to throw up. Also, lack of man tits. Here are some of my favorites with useless but witty comments from me.


Where the fuck is this kids face? That could be from president W shredding those drums. This kid has cred though, because he is wearing Vans. Seriously though, he does an amazing job on one of the worst songs ever. He plows right through the minus the bear ripoff part and right through the next minus the bear ripoff part.


The first parts of this song are pretty hard. After all these years I cannot even play this song anymore. This kid shredz it. My only complaint is he looks like he is having a seizure when he hits his symbol. Or some kind of epileptic fit. I know what epilepsy looks like, I had a girlfriend who had it. Other thoughts: Super V neck, Jimi Hendrix, shitty laptops, weed.


Does he even have a floor tom? Should he buy cooler shorts, or a floor tom? I would go with shorts, the ladies like cool shorts better than floor toms.


This dude knows how to use the fills to get the ladies. Maybe that is why I have always sucked with the ladies. Not enough drums and I barely know how to play them. Maybe I should get a double bass pedal? I did have this idea once to play on a platform that was on wheels and had ropes tied to it. Then I would have people pull me around while shredding. Maybe there would be a stripper pole on it. Yea, a stripper pole for sure.


This is my cousin. He is a next level shredder and he is like 11. Wait I think he is 17 now. Either way. I can’t even play guitar and he plays both guitar and drums. I bet you he gets so many ladies because of that one man band shit. He wants to join the military. Say no to the green machine. Say yes to music, ghost riding the whip, drugs, beer, lots of beer, house shows, drums, pecan pie, karate, Karate, and The Dawson River Kids.

Can someone please cover and Ape Up! song? That would make my Christmas awesome.

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