Landlock’d (obnoxious on the radio content)

Info: Here is a little diddy for you. As you kind of already know, Landlock’d was a band featuring my good buds Peter J. Helmis and Mike Bell. What you do not know is that we had a super secret hidden member named Mike Skane who was quite possibly one of the best dudes of all time. Here are some stories about Mike. One time we had a contest to see who could wear shitty jean shorts longest. Mike won by a long shot, and I am pretty sure he is still wearing those fucking things. Another time Mike was trying to have sex with his girlfriend, so I shot his door with a paintball gun. Oh yea… At one point Mike and I discovered that there was an Odwalla distribution center nearby our old apartment. We used to go dumpster diving like all super cool punks used to do until one day we discovered that they left all the doors open to their trucks. This is what our fridge used to look like on a daily basis:

We basically lived off Odwalla for months. We even got the crazy protein bars. Fucking boxes and boxes of them. Mike was even the first to compare Algernon to Cap’n Jazz, and then I lit his hair on fire. Long story short, Mike is one of the greatest guys ever, and if you guys want I can dedicate a bunch of posts to Mike Skane stories later on. But this post is about how shitty he plays the tambourine and woodblock. Seriously, how do you fuck that up? He did.

I had totally forgotten we were even on the radio until Peter reminded me. I then figured no one had it and that the Landlock’d recording would be lost forever. I was wrong and I asked someone (I forget who) and they sent me all these jamz. We recorded this the same night as the Algernon radio set (which I will post later) because Peter said we would not play unless Landlock’d played. It worked, and it was awesome. So for your listening pleasure: Three drunk musicians and one drunk guy who cannot play the tambourine or woodblock.

BONUS: On one of the tracks Mike asks if he can get more bathing suit in his monitor. Surf rock FTW!


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